Breast Implant Illness Treatment

The best option for breast implant illness treatment is breast implant explantation. If you believe that you have breast implant illness or experiencing any of the symptoms of breast implant illness of BII, our board certified plastic surgeons may be able to help you.

What are most common symptoms of Breast Implant Illness

A recent research by the FDA provides the top 10 most common systemic signs and symptoms as follows

  • Fatigue 49%
  • Problems with memory or concentration (“Brain Fog”) 25%
  • Joint Pain 25%
  • Anxiety 24%
  • Hair Loss 21%
  • Depression 19%
  • Rash 18%
  • Autoimmune Diseases* 18%
  • Inflammation 18%
  • Weight Fluctuation 18%

Other symptoms may include joint and muscle pain. Please note that having these symptoms does not necessary mean you have breast implant illness as these may be symptoms of other diseases or illness

What causes breast implant illness:

Currently there is no formal medical diagnosis of breast implant illness although this may change in the future as there are on-going research. Some of the symptoms of BII has been reported in with all types of breast implants regardless of filling, shape or surface characteristic, and their onset anywhere from immediately after implantation to years later.

What is breast implant illness treatment

Given that there is no current formal medical diagnosis, there is no known cure or breast implant illness treatment. However, many of our patients report improvement or resolution of their symptoms after the removal of breast implants or breast implant explantation. It is very important to note that the cause of the symptoms and the degree to which these symptoms may be related to the implants are unclear at the current time. Research continues to be performed to better understand any potential association with breast implants.

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