Breast Augmentation: Helpful Tips

Breast augmentation has become a popular surgery in recent years and alongside this, the technology used for this type of surgery has significantly progressed, meaning the recovery period is a lot less stressful. There are many tips and tools for remaining stress-free and comfortable when you are recovering from such a procedure. There are a variety of different techniques and aids you can try that help to minimize the common side effects caused by the surgery. If you’ve just had a breast augmentation in Atlanta or if you are considering having one done, then below are some helpful tips to consider, especially when it comes to healing and the results.

Taking It Easy

Feeling some discomfort during your breast augmentation recovery period is quite common, and doctors suggest following the aftercare instructions closely in order to enjoy the best results. One of these tips involves taking it as easy as possible. This may require extra help from another person.

You usually find that breast augmentation surgery will lead to redness and some swelling of the breasts. This is normal and occurs due to the repositioning of the skin during the procedure. Whilst these symptoms go away after a set amount of time, our doctor may help you along by prescribing effective skin lotions and creams to help reduce these effects.

Having Realistic Expectations

Lots of women have unreasonable expectations before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, and this can lead to a lot of disappointment. It’s important to understand all that is involved in such a procedure before moving forward. Of course, our surgeon will help you with this. We’ll make sure to do all that we can to help make your procedure and your recovery as successful as possible.

Moving Forward

If you’re interested in breast augmentation in the Atlanta area, then our professional and experienced team at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can give you all the information you need, including which surgery is best for you, and discuss your recovery options. Get in touch with us sooner rather than later to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Atlanta or Marietta. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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