Botox Treatments – Botulinum Toxin Atlanta Non-Invasive

The most popular non-invasive surgical option in the cosmetic world is by far botulinum toxin type A, of that group, Botox treatments reign supreme. This injectable inhibits the signals to the muscles of targeted areas of the face and dramatically slows down some of the effects of the aging process. The most popular brand of this purified protein is Botox treatments.

Botox treatments have virtually no downtime, but there are some things you should avoid immediately after the injections. Please remember to stay upright and not lay down for at least four hours after Botox treatments. Laying can cause the premature spread of the solution and diminish the longevity and effectiveness.

For more information Botox treatments, contact double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Okoro at his Atlanta office to set up an appointment.

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