Body Lift

A lower body lift, also called a belt lipectomy or an extended abdominoplasty, is an operation that includes Tummy Tuck, but also treats sagging buttocks lift, and outer thighs Lift.

If you have recently experienced significant weight loss either on your own or after bariatric surgery, you may be looking for the solution to get rid of excess skin.


It can be very discouraging to achieve weight loss, yet still have to contend with excess skin. The excess skin may prevent you from enjoying your new thinner body and keep you from wearing the clothes you would like. Excess skin can cause daily discomfort by causing rashes, chafing and possibly skin infections. Post-weight loss cosmetic surgery such as body contouring procedures can help you achieve the figure you desire after weight loss surgery or following weight loss achieved through diet and exercise. These procedures have been successfully used after weight loss surgery to refine patients’ bodies and enhance the beauty within us.


This procedure requires a circumferential incision to remove a belt-like strip of skin and fat from around the waist. Several position changes are usually required during the operation to dramatically lift the fallen tissues. Back rolls are sometimes improved as well, depending on their location. Dr. Okoro performs lower body lifts under general anesthesia, often as an outpatient procedure. Like Tummy Tuck, we usually recommend disposable pain pump catheters during recovery to ease muscle pain. We also use temporary drains for roughly one week. We often instruct body lift patients to wear a compression garment even if liposuction was not performed. Light exercise is encouraged soon after surgery but strenuous activity is limited for at least several weeks. Patients may drive and return to work once they discontinue narcotic pain medicine.


Good candidates have reached a stable weight, do not smoke (or plan to quit), and do not have medical conditions that prohibit safe surgery and normal wound healing. Patients whose weight has been stabilized in their weight loss program or who feel they are at their ideal weight are the best candidates for a Lower Body Lift. To determine if you are a good candidate for a Lower Body Lift, Dr. Okoro will review your health history and perform an examination during your consultation.


During your consultation, Dr. Okoro will review with you the various options available for abdominal rejuvenation. He pays close attention to skin tone, existing scars, possible hernias, fat deposits, and muscle abnormalities, as all are important factors that can influence the surgical result. He will also take preoperative photos during your visit. During the consultation, Dr. Okoro will listen and understand your goals and desires and he will review available options and techniques.


The cost of Lower Body Lift varies based on the extend of your surgery and the cost of any additional surgery. To make surgery affordable for you, we offer our patients many financing plans, so be sure to ask.  The cost may include the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medication and lab test
  • Post-surgery garments

Most health insurance plans will not cover Lower Body Lift surgery, related complications or another surgery to revise the appearance of your body. Please review your health insurance policy.


When choosing a plastic surgeon for Lower Body Lift, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery. Dr Okoro takes his time to understand your goals and desire for the best long term outcome. Your safety and satisfaction are very important to him.

For more information about lower body lift surgery or to schedule a confidential consultation, please call us or email us today!

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