Benefits of Breast Reduction

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the most-requested aesthetic surgery in the United States. Larger breasts may be desirable to some, but they can have negative effects.

If you’re thinking about breast reduction, you’re not alone. Here are some benefits of the procedure you may not have previously considered.

Relief from Pain

Having large breasts can strain your back, shoulders and neck. You may also suffer from skin breakdown or irritation due to your bras or the skin rubbing. Running, even with a sports bra, can be painful as well.

A breast reduction can solve these issues entirely and give you back a healthy, active lifestyle.

More Confidence and Higher Self-Esteem

If your large breasts are embarrassing to you or cause unwanted attention, you may be too self-conscious to go to the beach, public pool or gym.

You may not feel confident in your appearance at work, where even a modest blouse could be provocative. You may even avoid dating and social interactions, especially if you are sensitive to staring.

A breast reduction can change all of this. After a reduction, people will be far more apt to notice your smile or your eyes rather than your breasts.

Better Quality Sleep

With large breasts, finding a comfortable position to sleep can be difficult and place stress on other areas of your body.

For example, you may be forced to constantly sleep on your side, which can be irritating to the hip and shoulder pressed to the mattress.

Belly sleeping may have been impossible since puberty, and you may find it hard to breathe while sleeping on your back. A breast reduction, once healed, will make sleeping in any position more comfortable.

If you suffer from sleep disruptions, pain upon waking or sore joints, a reduction may give you more restful sleep.

More Wardrobe Options

The cost of tailoring clothes to fit a disproportionate figure can be staggering, and even the best alterations can’t cover up your breasts entirely.

If you’ve spent years of your life wearing too-large tops that make you look overweight or smothering your figure in shawls or caftans to hide your breasts, a reduction can solve the problem.

By making your breasts proportionate to the rest of your body, you’ll find bras, blouses and tops that fit with no alterations necessary.

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