Rejuvenate Your Skin with a VI Peel

Chemical peels are growing in popularity as the public realizes their effectiveness in revitalizing skin that has dulled due to sun exposure and the aging process.

This type of treatment helps the skin turnover old cells that are replaced by newer, fresh skin cells. The result is tighter, smoother, more youthful appearing skin that can make you appear younger and less tired.

The Vi Peel

The Vi Peel™ is a medical-grade chemical peel that was developed and formulated by Vitality Institute Medical Products. This treatment helps minimize sun damage effects and melasma.

The goal of the Vi Peel™ is to reduce the discomfort associated with some chemical peels. Results will vary depending upon each individual case.

The Vi Peel™ consists of a powerful blend of ingredients that work for any skin type. It offers results that are dramatic and very little downtime after treatment.

You can have younger, radiant looking skin in only about one week using Vi Peel™.

How does a Vi Peel work?

Like any facial peel, the Vi Peel™ begins with an even application of the chemical over your skin.

The chemical acts upon your skin, creating micro-damage that makes your skin peel, thereby removing upper skin layers to make room for the development of newer tissue.

This micro-damage removes older, duller skin cells while stimulating the development of new collagen to more quickly heal the skin.

One way the Vi Peel™ differs from other types of skin peels is that it contains an anesthetic. This addition means that you will have less discomfort that you might feel otherwise.

People who have a Vi Peel™ normally have a slight stinging feeling at first, which fades as the anesthetic kicks in.

What areas can the Vi Peel treat?

In general, chemical peels are formulated to enhance general skin condition and can typically treat most bodily areas.

However, you should realize that certain sensitive areas, like eyelids, have skin that is too thin to treat without risking significant skin damage.

The Vi Peel™ can be used to treat:

* The face
* The neck
* Chest
* Hands

How many treatments will I need?

As is the case with normal chemical peels, in order to maintain your results you should have follow-up treatments every few months as recommended.

After your first peel, you can have Vi Peel™ treatments twice monthly, although over-use of the Vi Peel™ is to be avoided as a long term treatment.

In addition to your treatment, we may also recommend using certain skin care products as part of your skin care routine to maintain your results as long as possible. It usually takes a few days to recover from a Vi Peel™.

During this time, your skin may slough off and appear red and flushed. At this time, you should avoid applying any skin care products on treated areas, except for a moisturizer, until the point your skin has healed completely.

If you’re interested in using a Vi Peel™ to rejuvenate your skin, contact Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery today to make an appointment.

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