360 Liposuction

360 Liposuction is a more comprehensive sculpting procedure that combines the entire midsection the abdomen, waistline, and back to achieve a curvier, contoured figure. It is frequently combined with Brazilian Buttock Lift which is fat transfer to the hips and buttock. Our Plastic Surgeons are experts in 360 Liposuction in Atlanta. We perform about 4 – 10 360 liposuction in Atlanta a week.

Why Get 360 Liposuction?

  • You have tried everything including diet and exercise, and still have stubborn areas of fat that will not go away.
  • This is safe, quick, and affordable
  • There is minimal downtime
  • The fat is permanently removed. The fat does not come back!
  • This can jump-start your exercise program
  • 360 lipo can give you confidence

Are you a candidate for 360 Liposuction in Atlanta?

The best candidates for 360 liposuction & body sculpting are men and women who:

  • are in good health.
  • have tried diet and exercise.
  • have distinct areas of localized fats.
  • have realistic expectations.
  • realize that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity

How much Does 360 lipo cost?

The 360 liposuction cost varies based on the extent of your surgery and the cost of any additional surgery. The average cost of liposuction is around $1499 per area. Remember, the total cost depends on the number of areas needing liposuction. Everyone is different. The best way to know the cost of your liposuction is to be evaluated during a consultation.  To make liposuction affordable for you, we offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask.

For more information about 360 liposuction Atlanta / liposculpture or to schedule a confidential consultation please call us or email us today.

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