Who Qualifies for a Tummy Tuck?

Numerous individuals try to get a flat and tight stomach with exercises such as sit-ups and eating a healthy and nutritious diet. If the abdomen has an excess of skin or flab, this may not work. One of the best options is referred to as a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty. This is a cosmetic surgery removing excess skin and fat to help flatten the tummy and tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall. The best candidates for this procedure are in good physical health, do not smoke and keep their weight stable. The surgery also takes care of the loose skin and pockets of fat that did not respond to exercise and diet. This procedure is also appropriate for any individual who overweight with a loss of skin elasticity and women with stretched muscles and skin due to pregnancy.

A tummy tuck is different than liposuction. In some cases, both procedures are performed at the same time. The abdominal muscles and skin can then be separated and pulled together. Stitches are used to keep the muscles in the correct position for a firmer stomach and a narrower waist. The flap of skin separated by the surgeon is stretched across the muscles and the extra skin is removed. The navel is placed in a natural position. The incisions can then be closed. The area is covered using a sterile dressing. The surgery usually requires a few hours to complete.

Once the procedure is complete, you will immediately notice your abdominal area is more toned and flatter. Your results will last for a long time provided you exercise on a regular basis, eat a healthy and balanced diet and maintain your weight. This procedure is appropriate for both women and men provided they are in good health. This surgery is fairly common among women who have been pregnant several times because it decreases the excess skin and tightens the abdominal muscles. If the individual has loose skin and excess deposits of fat surrounding the belly, this procedure is an excellent option. It is important to note there are some individuals who should not have a tummy tuck. Any woman considering having another child should postpone this surgery until her family is complete.

The surgery tightens the vertical muscles. When a woman is pregnant, these muscles can easily be separated. If the individual is dieting and expects to lose a great deal of weight, the procedure should be postponed. This is meant to be the last possible resort when eating a healthy diet and following an exercise routine have not resulted in weight loss. This surgery is not meant to be an option for losing weight. It is also very important to schedule a consultation with the surgeon. Any questions you have regarding this procedure should be answered to your satisfaction before you proceed. Once you have decided to have the procedure, you will have another consultation with your surgeon. This is when you will discuss your expectations for the tummy tuck and be provided with numerous options including:

• Do not go on a drastic diet preceding your surgery. You need to eat three complete and well-balanced meals each day. A crash diet may prohibit proper healing.

• Make certain you discuss any prescription drugs, supplements and herbal medicines with your surgeon prior to your surgery. If you are taking certain drugs, your surgeon will most likely instruct you to stop taking them for a specific period of time both before and after the procedure.

• Since this is a surgical procedure, you will need to arrange for a ride home. If you are living alone, you should consider having a friend remain with you for the first night. It is important to make these preparations in advance.

• Depending on the specifics of your procedure, your surgery will require two to five hours. In some cases, the patient stays in the hospital overnight.

• You will be given general anesthesia for your procedure to enable you to sleep through your operation.

• The area targeted by the surgery will be stitched and covered with a bandage for both a complete and partial abdominoplasty. You need to care for your bandage exactly as the surgeon specified in their instructions after your procedure. Your bandage is an elastic band designed to help you heal properly. Your instructions will also discuss the best way to sit down or stretch out for the most comfort.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

After an individual has been pregnant several times or lost a great deal of weight, the abdominal muscles often become distended. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will not resolve these issues. The procedure will surgically remove all the excess fat and skin and tighten the muscles that have become weakened. This will effectively flatten your stomach. Your core will be stronger once your muscles have been tightened. This provides your spine with a much better support. This means your posture improves because you can stand and sit straighter. A swayback or lordosis has been linked to a weakness in the abdominal muscles. The improvement in both posture and support resulting from the procedure often helps decrease specific types of back pain.

When your abdominal tissues or intestines have broken through your abdominal wall, the result is the formation of a sack pocket. This is called a ventral hernia. There are numerous different possible causes for this condition including an appendectomy, a C-section or an extremely substantial loss of weight. The symptoms of this condition are a lot like those for an abdominoplasty. Pressure on your skin and weak muscles in your abdomen are both corrected with this surgery. It makes no difference if your weak muscles were the result of weight or pregnancy, a hernia can form in a weak abdominal wall.

If there is a weakness in your abdominal wall, the surgeon will seriously consider performing a hernia repair in addition to the tummy tuck. This will help prevent a ventral hernia from occurring in the future by strengthening your abdominal wall. It is not only extremely safe to perform both procedures at the same time, it is also practical and will decrease your recovery period and medical expenses. The two most sought-after benefits are a smaller waistline and a flatter stomach. Pregnancy and weight loss often result in loose skin and fat deposits forming. This causes abdominal bulges. The procedure tightens your abdominal skin and removes the loose skin. Liposuction is often performed during surgery to remove the pockets of fat. In combination with tighter abdominal muscles, the result is an overall leaner look.

Even if you have already reached your ideal weight before the surgery, skin laxity and deposits of fat can make your clothes less comfortable and feel much tighter. This is true even if the fit around your hips and bust is correct. You may also discover you are unable to wear a smaller size due to the loose skin left from the weight loss. This skin will not generally conform to the new contours of your body. Once you have had the procedure, your abdominal area will be more streamlined and smoother. This will enable you to feel more comfortable in your clothes and look more attractive. Once the excess skin and fat have been removed, the weight contained in your abdomen will no longer pull your forward.

The surgery will provide the motivation you need to stabilize your weight. Studies have shown individuals who have had Bariatric surgery for the removal of excess skin are much less likely to gain weight after the surgery. When your abdominal fat has been removed, your satiety increases. This is due to the reduction in your hormone levels that affect your appetite. This surgery gives you the motivation you require to meet your goals, helps drive you to exercise and decreases your hunger. If you maintain your weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle after your surgery, your new shape and contours will last for a long period of time. Your abdomen will be sculpted and your core strength will improve. After pregnancy or a major fluctuation in weight, the muscles in your abdomen weaken or become detached or distended. Exercising and dieting will not help flaccid muscles in the abdomen.

When an individual loses a lot of weight or has Bariatric surgery, the result is often a lot of loose skin folds. This skin did not contour to the new shape because there was not enough time for the skin to adapt. This can easily result in a shape that does not meet your expectations and skin laxity. Loose skin on your abdomen does not suit your new contours and can cause infections, rashes and irritations. This can be difficult to treat and cause pain. Not only will your body have a sleeker contour, your skin issues will be eliminated once the loose skin has been removed. This skin is responsible for these issues. You will also discover it is easier to exercise. Sagging skin and abdominal fat can weigh your body down and decrease your range of motion. This makes it more difficult to exercise. Once these issues are gone and your core muscles are tighter, exercising becomes more enjoyable and much easier.

One of the most common issues faced by women are stretch marks. This is especially true if the woman has gained weight or given birth. Stretch marks often form as white lines on the abdomen. This can cause a rise in self-consciousness and a decrease in confidence, especially during bathing suit season. Once the loose fat from the bikini line to the belly button has been eliminated, the stretch marks are also removed. This is different from the temporary removal achievable with certain treatments and creams. This procedure permanently removes stretch marks. Due to the elimination of these issues, the majority of individuals see an improvement in both self-esteem and confidence. The new contours provide a more attractive and energetic feeling and a positive attitude.

Your core strength and abdominal tone are improved during this procedure. This effectively tightens any abdominal muscles that have become stretched out. This may improve your shape in numerous areas other than your abdomen. When your abdomen is tightened, so is your mons pubis. This eliminates the fat in the upper pubic region, and your body can be further sculpted with liposuction. If you are experiencing a frequent need to urinate or urinary incontinence, this procedure may improve your bladder control. This is because the core strength of your muscles will improve. A small bladder obstruction can be created by your surgeon in the soft tissue of your pelvic area. This will improve your ability to control your bladder.

Stress Urinary Incontinence can be developed by women after a vaginal birth. This can result in an issue of uncontrollable leakage caused by laughing, exercising, sneezing and coughing. The bladder obstruction can eliminate this issue. A lot of long term health issues are also caused by excess skin and fat on the stomach. This includes diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, fungal infections, liver disease and numerous other diseases. Excess skin and fat places additional pressure on your internal organs. This can prevent them from working properly due the excess toxins. The risk of medical issues in the future can be decreased and your overall health improved through this procedure.

If you are interested in having a tummy tuck done, feel free to learn more by speaking with the educated staff at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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