Who is a Good Candidate for Pectoral Implants?

Many men are self-conscious about their chest. Even when they try to work out and build muscle, it still may not yield the results that they desire. For these men, pectoral implants may be an ideal way to get the well-defined chest that they desire. There are also men who have a condition known as Poland’s syndrome, which is a condition that causes one side of the body to lack chest muscle. A pectoral augmentation may be a good option for these men as well.

Ideal candidates for our FDA-approved pectoral implants are men who wish to possess well-built chest muscles. It can also be a good procedure for men who have asymmetrical chest muscles. It is important that candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations about the procedure.

The Procedure

Before the surgery, you will speak with a professional about the shape and size of implants that are best suited for the results that you want to achieve. During the actual procedure, the implants are placed in the preselected locations using specialized techniques.

There are some men who choose to have pectoral implants administered with liposuction. Other contingent procedures can include micro-liposuction, bicep implants, and abdominal etching.

Getting Started

If you would like to learn whether pectoral implants are right for you, feel free to reach out to Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and make an appointment with us! At our office in Marietta or Atlanta, our team of dedicated professionals will be happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you attain the chest of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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