What are Butt Injections?

The perfect butt is an asset that any woman would love to have, and some women will go to great lengths to obtain it. If you would like to accomplish this goal, you should consider butt injections. When it comes to butt injections and implants, many patients get these two treatments confused. Unlike injections, implants for the butt are usually made of silicone, and they’re almost identical to the implants that you’d get for your breasts. Injections are different because they use the process of fat transfer.

A Look at Butt Injections

During the procedure, a substance is injected into your bottom, and the primary purpose of the injections is to make your butt larger. Currently, the only treatment that accomplishes this goal and satisfies the requirements of the FDA is the Brazilian butt lift.

The fat that is used to make your bottom larger is extracted from a donor area of your body, and once it has been purified, it’s injected into your buttocks. If you’re considering this procedure, you should know how it works, or at least have a general idea of the processes involved. A popular variation of this procedure consists of extracting fat from your body and running it through a centrifuge, which separates broken fat cells. By separating the broken fat cells, you’ll benefit from having fewer cells rejected by your body.

What Makes Butt Injections Different?

If you’re trying to enhance the appearance of your bottom, then you have two main choices. You always have the option of getting implants, but the problem with implants is that they pose a much greater risk for complications, and since the implants are made of silicone, they might rupture. Another major downside of getting implants is that they’re primarily designed to add volume, which won’t help to give you the shape you desire.

Since procedure add fat that isn’t trapped inside of an implant, they’re great for reshaping your entire butt, and you’ll end up with buttocks that are much softer than implants. Another problem with implants is that they feel very similar to tight muscles. Injections are different because they’re much softer.

Learn More About Butt Injections

This can give you a beautiful, rounded backside. Make an appointment at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta or Atlanta to get all the facts about this procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for butt injections!

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