Want a Bigger Backside without a Fat Transfer? Try Buttock Implants!

You’ve done everything you can to sculpt your body. You have a fitness regimen and choose wisely when it comes to what you eat. Your body is your temple and you are pleased with everything, except for one problem area. You want to enhance your buttocks. You’ve tried targeted exercises to get results and you’ve worn padding. Nothing will give you the full buttocks that you want. You want to enhance the shape of your bottom and give it volume. You may be thinking of a fat transfer, but there may be a better solution to give you exactly what you want. Buttock implants can take your backside to the next level and give it the boost it needs.

Why Not Go with a Fat Transfer?

While many patients are choosing a fat transfer, this procedure is not for everyone. If you are lean and don’t have any fat to spare, it won’t be possible to harvest fat from one part of your body in order to transfer it to your buttocks. In addition, fat transfer is limited in the final outcome. You can’t get as much volume and definition in shape as you would with buttock implants.

What are the Advantages of Buttock Implants?

Buttock implants are firm and offer you more flexibility in order to get the shape that you want. You can really pump up your backside with help from this procedure. They also feel natural. Buttock implants will make it feel like you have a backside that has become firm from hard work at the gym.

What to Expect During Buttock Implant Surgery

The first step will be to ensure your comfort during outpatient buttock implant surgery. Our plastic surgeon will determine which type of medication is best for you, whether you have intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Once your buttocks are ready for treatment, your buttock implants will be inserted and you will be sent to the recovery room. After careful monitoring, you will be sent home. You will then need to follow our plastic surgeon’s care instructions after the surgery.

Learn More About Buttock Implants Today

If you are not happy with the size and shape of your buttocks, buttock implants could be the answer for you. Set up a consultation at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with convenient locations in Marietta and Atlanta. We will evaluate your body and discuss your alternatives. We can also make sure that fat transfer is not the way that you want to go before moving forward with buttock implants. Buttock implants can finally give you a backside that you can show off at any time of year. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about enhancing your bottom with buttock implants.

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