Recently we have received many phone call regarding Vaser® Shape. Patients in Atlanta are asking us the differences between these two non surgical options for the treatment of cellulite. We have a very diverse practice which allow us to try many technological advanced treatment options. We investigate these options prior to exposing our patients. We have tried both Vaser® Shape and Smoothshapes. We prefer Smoothshapes treatment. They are both good for cellulite treatment. However, our patients preferred Smoothshapes treatment. We listened to our patients and now offer Smoothshapes

According to the manufacture, VASER® Shape uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and massage to smooth, firm and shape the body by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. SmoothShapes uses two (2) different diode laser energies, mechanical (suction) energy, and rollers to treat cellulite. My patients report that Smoothshapes treatment is easier and more comfortable during the sessions. The results we have seen with SmoothShapes are really impressive for cellulite. We now use Smoothshapes after liposuction to smooth and further contour the skin after SmartLipo. It offfered us more value and the results are amazing.


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