Treat Excess Skin with Panniculectomy

A panniculectomy procedure removes excess skin and hanging fat from the lower abdomen. This is not the same as abdominoplasty because with a tummy tuck, not only is the excess fat and skin removed, but your abdominal muscles are tightened as well.

Panniculectomy is performed to relieve specific symptoms. The overhanging skin that can interfere with your regular daily activities is removed. Panniculectomy is not classified as a cosmetic procedure. The goal of the surgery is just to remove the overhanging fat and skin from your lower abdomen so a smoother abdominal contour is created.

A panniculectomy procedure may be recommended due to fungal infections, pain in your lower back, skin irritations and excessive skin after a pregnancy. The process begins with an evaluation from a surgeon before the procedure. You will be advised what steps should be taken. These instructions include but are not limited to quitting smoking, timing your medications, avoiding specific medications, limiting certain liquids and foods and using proper washing techniques.

Your surgery will be customized based on your wants and needs. Any excess skin and fat is removed using specialized techniques. The fat and skin above your belly button may be shifted until it reaches a normal position. The length of time required for your panniculectomy procedure is dependent on the amount of excess skin and fat removed and other factors. The time will increase if you combine panniculectomy with another procedure.

It is important to realize this surgery will not take the place of an appropriate fitness program or healthy lifestyle. The results achieved from this procedure are designed to be permanent. This being said, you need to keep your weight steady after the surgery.

If you feel this may be the right procedure for you, simply schedule a consultation at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, located in Atlanta and Marietta. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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