Top Cellulite Treatments in Atlanta

Cellulite refers to unwanted dimples on various parts of the body, a common issue in both men and women. It’s not a serious health condition, but it does require professional treatment. The major causes of this condition include fad dieting, excess body fat, slow metabolism, poor diet, hormone changes, and dehydration. Here are some of the cellulite treatments you can find at our office in Atlanta.


Oftentimes, we use Cellulaze to treat cellulite. The procedure takes an hour or two per leg, and most patients require intravenous or oral sedation before having this treatment. Our doctors in Atlanta are experts in this field, making small, accurate incisions on each leg to access the affected parts. We may combine Smartlipo™ laser technology with Cellulaze to get rid of excess fat on dented areas. After this procedure, you’ll need a few days of rest, during which you’ll begin to see results.

Cellulaze is performed in the comfort of our office in Atlanta. The treatment it simple and much less invasive than a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin.


The Exilis system offers another promising cellulite treatment. Using specialized processes, it can make the appearance of cellulite far less noticeable.

The Downsides of Creams and Skin Scrubs

Some people in Atlanta may choose to massage special salts and minerals into their skin in an attempt to eliminate the cellulite. The mineral salts aim to exfoliate dead cells and minimize the appearance of cellulite. But the thing about these treatments is they can only go so far. In order to try address the issue of cellulite, the root cause needs to be addressed. This is exactly what we do at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Our staff can help you pick the right treatment to tackle your cellulite. Simply contact us today to set up an initial consultation at our office in Atlanta or Marietta.

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