ThermiBreast is ThermiTight for breast skin tightening. ThermiTight has been shown to tighten skin all over the body. Recently we have started using ThermiBreast it for breast skin tighten (Liffting of breast skin). ThermiBreast will not replace surgical breast lift techniques. However it is an exciting option for those with small to medium sized breast and have some sagging and they don’t want surgery.   As a Thermi Center of Excellence in the US, we have been very successful in lifting the breast with ThermiBreast. It is not for everyone and you need consultation with an experienced Thermi Plastic Surgeon. Note, not every Thermi doctor is a plastic surgeon, so do your homework well. Our Plastic Surgeons teach Thermi procedures to other doctors.

How is ThermiBreast performed

ThermiBreast is usually performed as a same day procedure with local anesthesia.  There is no need for general anesthesia unless requested.

How many treatment do I need?

Thermibreast is a one time treatment and can be repeated as needed due to the continued effect of greavity, weight change, genetics, and other environmental factors.

How long does the treatment take?

The average treatment time is 45 minutes for both breast.

How about the Results?

It takes and average of 3 months to start seeing your results. Your results will continue to improve over the next 12 months. Depending on your genetics, weight changes, pregnancy and other factors, your results should last about 2 years. ThermiBreast can be repeated if you notice relaxation of the breast skin.

How about Recovery

There is no downtime, and you can resume your regular activities the following day.

Is it safe?

ThermiTight is safe and has been used all over the body. RF (Radiofrequency) is not a new technology and has been used in many area in medicine. There is no evidence that RF causes cancer. Our experience with ThermiBreast has shown that it is safe. You can still have mammograms after ThermiBreast. We recommend getting Mammogram prior to ThermiBreast.

What is the cost?

It really depends on your situation and the experience of the Plastic Surgeon. The average cost of ThermiBreast is $3500 – $4500.

Visit our Frequently Asked Question about ThermiTight for more information

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