Soften Lines and Wrinkles with Vi Peels

The effects of aging are inevitable. Even the most beautiful of individuals will acquire fine lines that lead to deep valleys and wrinkles. Fighting this inevitability is possible with the right treatments, but doing so has traditionally been uncomfortable. Chemical peels provide an effective way to reverse some of the damage that age and the sun can inflict upon the skin, but they tend to be more invasive as they treat more damage.

Vi Peels represent a new class of cosmetic peels. They utilize a special blend of five acids designed to provide effective rejuvenation to the skin without the large amount of discomfort or downtime associated with traditional chemical peels.

What are Vi Peels?

Vi Peels are designed to work similarly to moderate chemical peels. They reach into the skin to destroy tissue at a rate that is convenient and safe, which in turn allows these peels to produce incredible results. The reason why this controlled destruction works revolves around the way the body views loose skin. The collagen becomes displaced and loose but remains functional, which means that the body does not try to repair it.

By destroying these undesirable cells, the skin can experience a quick improvement while gradually producing new formations of collagen. The new collagen tissue should be more compact, which in turn will both lessen the appearance of existing deformations and safeguard against the development of future problems.

What Makes Vi Peels Different?

These Peels are different from traditional chemical peels because of the way they are formulated. They are designed to use five different types of acids, which in turn limits the noticeably undesirable effects of chemical peels, such as skin peeling and discomfort. This combination of acids is still strong enough to penetrate the skin to a moderate depth, which allows for the rejuvenation of skin cells to occur.

The other component that makes Vi Peels different revolves around the nourishment factor that most Vi Peels include. This allows your skin to repair itself at a faster rate, enables more stunning results and encourages your skin to have that radiant and youthful glow.

The reason this nourishment is paired with Vi Peels involves the way the peels remove dead skin cells and other contaminants. This allows your skin to be nourished directly via topical application.

Should You Consider Vi Peels?

If you’ve experienced an intense chemical peel, or you’re aware of just how much dedication is required to rejuvenate the skin, then you may be a suitable candidate for Vi Peels at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These unique peels can help you see drastic improvements to the texture and appearance of your skin without the undesirable side effects of harsher chemical peels.

Schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Marietta or Atlanta so that we can evaluate the unique condition of your skin to ensure that you receive the most suitable treatment for softening fine lines and wrinkles. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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