Implants vs Fat Transfer for Buttock Augmentation

You’re not happy with your buttocks. Whether you have a rear end that is flat, or you simply want a fuller, more rounded bottom, you have options for buttock augmentation. You can go with butt implants to get the look that you want, or you can try fat transfer as another alternative.

Aside from gaining weight, buttock augmentation is the only way that you are going to get significant results. Both will involve a surgical procedure. You need to consider both types of surgery before you move forward with any type of procedure.

What is Involved with Butt Implants?

If you choose butt implants, the surgeon will make incisions to insert silicone implants into your buttocks. You have a bit more flexibility with this alternative as opposed to fat transfer.

You can select the size of the implants you want and expect more volume. You do need to understand that there is the potential for some risks with this procedure. Once butt implants are in place, they will provide you with results that last.

How Does Fat Transfer Work?

Fat transfer is gaining in popularity because you are using a natural material in order to get the results you want. Your excess fat is removed. Typical areas for fat removal include the abdomen and the thighs.

The fat is purified and injected into your buttocks. You may need several treatments in order to get the volume you want. This option may not be for you if you don’t have any excess fat on your body.

Learn More About Buttock Augmentation Today

The best way to understand the ins and outs of buttock augmentation is to make an appointment today with Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Come in for a consultation. The doctor will evaluate you and determine if you are a candidate for both types of buttock augmentation. You may be able to look at a gallery of photos to compare results from each type of procedure as you try and decide what you want for your body.

Buttock augmentation gives you the opportunity to have the figure that you always wanted. Talk to our surgeon to find out how you can get more out of your buttocks.

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