Getting a Mommy Makeover

A woman’s body naturally changes after having a baby and nursing it. The changes may not be too significant after one baby, but after a second or third child, a woman may notice her body is entirely different. Thankfully, a Mommy Makeover exists.

Stubborn fat may be stored in some parts of the body, and the breasts may begin to sag. Most mothers spend most of their time taking care of their children, homes, and husbands, and may not even have time to exercise or go on a diet. Even though they may mourn their lost body features such as firm breasts and a trim midsection, they may never quite come round to strategizing on how to recover these.

A woman who is uncomfortable in her own body can begin to lose confidence and esteem. She may become less outgoing and entirely unwilling to participate in activities such as sunbathing at the beach or feel embarrassed about working out in the gym. Ultimately, she may even start experiencing feelings of unhappiness.

How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

Plastic surgery can enable a woman to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body. By helping her feel more comfortable in her own skin, such restoration also brings with it mental, spiritual and emotional benefits. A Mommy Makeover has psychological benefits that cannot be easily measured. When a woman feels confident and knows she is attractive, the happiness she experiences is radiated to her family and other loved ones around her, and she typically finds it easier to perform all her functions better and feel more content in herself.

Our well-trained plastic surgeon can help a mommy achieve the look she desires. If a mom wants to improve the look of her breasts, our plastic surgeon will work with her to achieve the desired results, whether it is a more natural shape and size or something a little more noticeable. Our experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon should also be able to produce the results a mommy wants on her tummy and legs, as these are some of the areas most affected by pregnancy.

Multiple procedures may be combined into a single surgery, and this often produces complementary and dramatic results. Typically, a Mommy Makeover combines liposuction or a tummy tuck with some type of a breast procedure. However, it all depends on the situation. Pregnancy affects women in different ways, which is why a Mommy Makeover is tailored specifically to each mom’s own needs and requirements.

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