Get Fuller Cheeks with Medical Cheek Implants

High cheek bones and a symmetrical face are classic signs of beauty, but some people are just not born with these important facial features. It is also possible to lose definition in your cheekbones as you age, which will create a flat or sunken face. If you want to improve your appearance by giving more definition to your cheek bones, then you will have to undergo cheek augmentation. While there are several dermal filler injections that can increase volume in your cheeks, the only way to permanently enhance your cheek bones is with medical cheek implants.

Cheek implants have regularly been used in cosmetic procedures for more than 60 years. The implants are made of solid synthetic silicone material, which makes them very easy to customize for each individual problem. You will always be able to get the exact cheek bone definition you are seeking with the implants. The solid synthetic silicone material also prevents the implants from forming to your tissue, so they can be removed without complications at any time.

Cheek implants can be inserted with local or general anesthesia, and our specialist will help you decide on the best form for you. Once you have recovered from the anesthesia, you will be allowed to go home. While this is widely considered to be an extremely safe surgery, you will still have to take some time to recover. In general, patients are able to go back to their usual activities after about a week. Once you have recovered from the procedure, you will be able to enjoy the new shape of your cheeks thanks to your cheek implants. Many patients also choose to combine this surgery with other procedures such as chin implants and neck contouring. During your consultation, our plastic surgeon can help you learn what to expect and which possible combination procedures would benefit you the most.

Cheek implants can make a dramatic and positive difference in a person’s face. If you think this procedure may be right for you, Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta and Marietta can help you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about cheek implants.

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