Couple’s Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Makeover

These days, Atlanta couples seem to do everything together. Some work together, many love to travel and share hobbies together. It was only a matter of time before some of them started undergoing cosmetic surgery together. It seems that husbands and wives are looking for more ways to bond. His and hers plastic surgery offers that opportunity. Couples are now choosing to have cosmetic plastic surgery together to match the growing need to look younger and feel attractive to each other. Many couples want to look and feel good together.

ABC News recently told the story of Heather and David Robertson, a Michigan couple, undergoing cosmetic surgery together. Their love for one another doesn’t seem to have dimmed over the years, but their bodies aren’t what they used to be.

“Well, Heather has had four children, we have had four children together and you know it takes quite a toll on our bodies,” said David. “So if anybody deserves to get a tummy tuck, I think she deserves to get one done.”

Many people are more attracted to and want to be with others who have the same levels of attractiveness as themselves. Couples are now seeing the physically and psychologically benefits experienced by their partner. The partner does not want to be left behind.

The most common procedures in our Atlanta office for men and women is SmartLipo, a laser liposuction procedure. Many women also want Mommy Makeover while men want Daddy Makeover.

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