Cosmetic Benefits of BOTOX®

From diminishing wrinkles to eliminating excess sweat, there are numerous benefits that BOTOX® injections offer, as long as you’re okay with minimizing your facial movements. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer BOTOX® cosmetic treatments to help men and women combat common signs of aging. Contact Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery today to schedule your consultation. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective treatment for your needs.

BOTOX® Injection Benefits

BOTOX® is made from Clostridium botulinum, which is a bacterium that’s potentially harmful if eaten. But, but as a cosmetic agent produced in a lab, it’s safe. It was originally created to treat spasms, especially hyperactive eye spasms, since it has the same effect as freezing muscles. It was soon discovered to effectively decrease the appearance of superficial wrinkles and crow’s feet by paralyzing the underlying muscles of the face.

While erasing fine lines and wrinkles is usually the main goal of getting a BOTOX® injection, it’s also proved to be very effective in treating migraine headaches as well. Unlike other pain medications that have a plethora of side effects, BOTOX® does not.

Another great benefit of BOTOX® is for people who have hyperhidrosis, or excess sweat. This syndrome is typically treated with strong antiperspirants prescribed by a doctor. For those people with severe hyperhidrosis, it’s only slightly effective. However, BOTOX® has the ability to balance out this particular problem and ease the disorder for many months at a time.

BOTOX® and Migraines

Researchers aren’t exactly sure how BOTOX® treats the pain of migraine headaches. However, medical experts believe that it blocks the key sensory nerves that transmit the pain signals to the brain, along with relaxing the muscles, therefore making them considerably less sensitive to a pain attack. The only noticeable side effect is a temporary droop in the skin near the injection site that can easily be avoided by altering the point of injection. Other side effects include slight bleeding, bruising, or a burning sensation, all of which are only temporary and resolve on their own. Individuals who get BOTOX® injections for migraines report their headache instances dropping by at least 50 percent as well as the overall intensity.

BOTOX® Injections and Men

Men can enjoy the benefits of BOTOX® the same as women. Also, research suggests that men with significantly enlarged prostates can experience a good amount of relief from BOTOX®. In addition to being a top anti-aging treatment, BOTOX® can address many other key health issues as well for both women and men.

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