Cellulaze™ for Cellulite Treatment

Many traditional cellulite treatments require dozens of appointments and hundreds of hours to complete. Once all of that work has been done, there is still no guarantee that the results will last for more than a few months. These are just a few of the reasons why so many patients have now turned to the popular cosmetic procedure known as Cellulaze™. Approved by the FDA in 2012, this treatment allows cosmetic experts to eradicate cellulite for a year or longer while leaving the rest of the soft tissue completely unharmed.

The Structure of Cellulite

One of the most common misconceptions about cellulite is that it is the result of being overweight. Extra layers of fat will increase a patient’s risk of developing cellulite, but even the healthiest individuals might be forced to deal with this cosmetic issue at some point.

The cellulite itself is actually a combination of fat and fibrous bands of connective tissue. These fibers pull down on a patient’s skin and create the visible dimples that are associated with cellulite. Layers of fat underneath can also push past the fibers and produce unsightly bulges.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Cellulite Treatments

Most over-the-counter products do nothing more than stimulate the skin to increase the production of collagen and improve its elasticity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these products do very little to the cellulite itself.

While they can partially reduce the visibility of cellulite, the results are generally very subtle and never last long. For many people, the results disappear almost immediately once they are no longer using those products.

A Closer Look at Cellulaze™

Cellulaze™ is not a permanent solution to cellulite, but most patients enjoy the results for 18 months or longer. We will begin with an initial consultation, where you will learn more about the treatment itself. You will also be given a better idea of what the results will look like and how you can care for your skin after the procedure.

What sets Cellulaze™ apart from all other treatments is the fact that it addresses the root causes of cellulite. Instead of simply stimulating the outer layers of skin, a small laser fiber is used to affect the fibrous tissue. Since the fiber is inserted just under the skin, the treatment is extremely effective.

The Long-Term Results of Cellulaze™

The average Cellulaze™ treatment session takes about one and a half hours to complete, and most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities within two or three days. Patients who stay at a healthy weight almost always enjoy the best results.

Get Rid of Your Cellulite

We encourage you to visit Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to learn more about Cellulaze™ for cellulite reduction. We have offices in Atlanta and Marietta. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.




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