Advantages of Male Breast Reduction

As a man, you would like to have a smooth, flat chest. Some muscular definition is acceptable, but enlarged breasts are the last thing that you want to see. Believe it or not, it’s a common problem for many men. Excessively large male breasts are often due to hormonal imbalances. Weight gain is also a factor. If you are the victim of enlarged breasts, you know that it can be embarrassing. You can become so self-conscious that you avoid social occasions. A male breast reduction can help you to reclaim your body and your life.

What Happens During a Male Breast Reduction?
A male breast reduction involves the removal of excess tissue and fat from your breasts. Our board certified plastic surgeon will evaluate you and determine what needs to be done to bring your breasts back down to the size that they should be. You will have a recovery process after the procedure, but it will be worth it when you can feel confident about your body once again.

Why Choose a Male Breast Reduction?
A male breast reduction allows you to stop concealing your body. You can stop avoiding places and events that you avoided in the past due to embarrassment. Most importantly, you can feel good about yourself once again when you look in the mirror. After the procedure, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain your results for years to come.

Is a Male Breast Reduction Right for You?
If you are a man and you are struggling with enlarged breasts, they are not going to go away on their own. Your diet and fitness regimen may help, but they won’t completely solve the problem. You don’t have to put up with large breasts. A male breast reduction gives you the opportunity to fix the problem.

Learn More About a Male Breast Reduction Today
You have suffered with enlarged breasts long enough. Schedule a consultation with us today at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Your breasts will be evaluated and our surgeon will explain the procedure fully so you know what to expect. You might not be able to prevent the changes that have happened to your body, but a male breast reduction can reverse them. You can finally get rid of your enlarged breasts once and for all! Contact us today to make an appointment in Atlanta or Marietta!

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