Achieve an Hourglass Frame with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Women’s beauty standards are often shaped by the media and popular culture, and there’s no doubt that the hottest look today is that perfect hourglass figure. This shape, made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, has become the new “ideal” figure. This figure is marked by a small waist with a soft curve around the hips and a full, round butt. If you’re seeking this aesthetic, consider the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Taking Advantage of Modern Science for an Hourglass Figure

While some women were lucky enough to be born with this natural shape, others are not so lucky. Yet, the joy of living in our modern age as opposed to even a couple of decades ago is that our technology and medical procedures have advanced so much that there is still a way to achieve this beautiful figure and have the body you always dreamed of. Introducing the Brazilian Buttock Lift – your gateway to the voluptuous curves you wish you were born with.

The Amazing Brazilian Buttock Lift Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is essentially a fat grafting or fat transfer procedure in which our surgeon uses special techniques to remove fat from areas of your body with excess fatty tissue. If you’re looking for that perfect waist-to-hip ratio, the fat could be taken out of the stomach via fat harvesting from the flanks and abdomen and injected into your butt to give the perky and uplifted appearance you crave.

Why a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Some buttock enhancement procedures simply fill the area with injections of silicone, and this can lead to issues due to the silicone polymers traveling to other parts of the body. Adversely, the Brazilian Butt Lift only uses your own natural body fat to enhance what you already have. Not only does it enhance your derriere, but it also smooths out your abdominal area, creating supremely satisfying bodily proportions.

The Brazilian Butt Lift does more than just add fat to your butt. It also carries with it a collection of secondary benefits, too! After your procedure, you may notice any of the following:

– Clothing fits better
– Higher self-confidence
– Restored gluteal volume and texture

If you are seeking a more defined hourglass figure, learn more information about our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta and Atlanta. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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